Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I've started following a blog The Pleated Poppy she posts her outfits for the week. It helps her 'get dressed' everyday. I don't have that problem. I like to get dressed, but I look at the post for outfit ideas. I have a limited wardrobe. I am a stay at home mom who works part time. I sometimes have meetings, so I don't really have two sets of clothes, I just combine the two. My wardrobe needs help. I'm planning a big shopping trip to Dallas soon, so hopefully it will improve. Therefore, I thought I would participate. Please offer up any advice...
I wore this to church.
This black shirt gathers a little at the neck line - target
Skirt - Kohl's
Shoes - Steve Madden, had these forever, they have flowers on the toes
After church I took off the skirt and shoes and put on army green Capri's and flip flops - no pic - and kept the shirt on.
Since my kids are out of school this week, I stayed home. I did run some errands - thrift store & WM.
Black tank top - Target
Mauve/grey tank toy - Ann Taylor Loft
Black belt - Kohl's
Skirt - old navy - had this forever too, wore it when I was pregnant during both pregnancies.
Shoes - macys (?) had these forever
I had a meeting today at lunch, so my sister took this picture.
Black dress - Target - I paid less than $8.00 for this dress, I was like....does it have a hole in it? Nope. It has a built-in shaper...all the way down. It really holds me in.
Black shoes - Payless - I picked these up last night. They are black peep toes with a snakeskin feel to them. Love them.
Bracelets - they are a little edgy...sissy and I each got some at Belk's. See the close up here.
Tuesday afternoon
I wore this to School Open House
Purple shirt - JCP
Black check - menswear shorts - JCP
Black shoes - Macy's.
So that's all I have this week. I will try again next week to see how it goes.


The Robinsons said...

you've looked quite sassy the last few times i've seen you. all you'd see from me would be sweats and t-shirts. fun post!

ashleigh said...

I really like the long black skirt outfit!! Comfy and cute! Thanks for stopping my by blog! Oh I used to have the same background as you! Its soo cute!!

Kimberley said...

good post! you always look great! i'm trying to figure out where your standing in the first picture. HA!

Kimberley said...

nevermind... master bathroom :)

Morgan@Meet Virginia said...

Too cute! Love all your outfits!!


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Meet Virginia!!
Meet Virginia!!!

Mitz said...

I really like your Sunday skirt, very fun print!

Michele said...

I think you look great! Have fun on your shopping trip to Dallas!

Mommy Moxie said...

I love that first skirt from Kohl's-very cute!

Laurie said...

I wanted to see the small woman real bad, but Steve would not let me. But, my friend did pay and see her. She felt soooooooo sooorrryyyy for her. Said she was just a dwarf sitting in a chair. My friend just asked how she was doing and left out ASAP.

Kathleen said...

Such wonderful outfits! Seriously love your looks.

sebournfamily said...

Beth, you're always the best-dressed momma at play group! ;)

Abby said...

love the belted long skirt!

this blessed nest said...

i love the long skirt outfit & that black dress from target.

i love me some tarjay!!!

p.s. i *heart* your profile pic with the little baby. IT.IS.BEAUTIFUL!

Keshka said...

Lots of cute outfits in here!