Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today we went to the Razorback game and besides the score - it was a good day.

The weather was beautiful, we could not have asked for a prettier day. The lady who sat next to us told me she never thought she would be able to do something like this (attend a game) because she just recently had a LIVER TRANSPLANT! What? A liver transplant. She said, I'm like a little kid again, everything is fun and exciting. I want to do everything. So I started thinking about that. She was 56 (I heard her say that to her son) and has a second chance with a renewed excitement for life! Do I have that? Do I enjoy and look forward to everything? Not yet, but I'm going to. That's why I love seeing everything through Kate's eyes - it's all new to her (however, she gets excited about a school bus - which I was never excited about). So I challenge you - Enjoy everything you do in your life - have a renewed passion about living!

P.S. The lady walked up 4 flights of stairs to her seat - bypassing the elevator I contemplated taking because I get winded on the walk up. Not anymore - stairs for me!

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