Friday, September 12, 2008

Fair Game

We took Kate to the fair last night. We thought this would be fun - we took her last year and she seemed to really enjoy the animals and all the lights and sounds of the rides. This year we got a babysitter for Luke and off we went. Needless to say, it wasn't what we had hoped for. The rain did hold off, but Kate did not want to ride any rides. We managed to get her on the carousel and she wanted John to hold her. He finally got her to sit back on the horse for the last minute or so. Then we went over to the livestock building to look at some cattle/pigs/goats. We were done in an hour.

We then enjoyed a dinner at Ron's Hamburgers, we didn't want to attempt eating at the fair. Who really wants a smoked turkey leg to carry around anyway?


The Robinsons said...

love the blog. you're crazy about the turkey leg. EVERYBODY wants to walk around eating a turkey leg.

winbe said...

Welcome to the blog world! I can't remember if we ever sent you our blog address but you can check us out at