Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Bash

On Saturday we had Kate's birthday party at Gymboree. We had gone to a party there one time before and Kate really had a good time. The kids get to jump and play and sing songs for an hour. Then they do the cake (in our case, cupcakes) and then they go home. It seems like they should do the cake first, then play, but oh well.
Kate took a nap on Saturday and slept right up until we were suppose to leave. She was not dressed for her party yet, but I had her new outfit laid out and ready to go. She had other plans - she wore her heart tights I got her, but that's all she wanted to wear. I finally, talked her into wearing a dress, but she did not match. People thought it went together, so I didn't care. This look is really her - kinda mis-matched, but still fun. She also wanted her hair in pigtails - this is the new thing and I like it.
We had about 15 children show up. Kate was overwhelmed. I don't think she enjoyed it as much as she did last time. I don't think she liked all the attention. She did have a good time and I think the other kids enjoyed themselves. Here's the pictures to prove it:
Mommy & Kate
Kate & Stone
Daddy & Kate
Kate & Meme
Jenny, Laura, Jasmine, Aubrey & Nicholas
Nicholas & Amy
Peanut Gallery
Aunt Nana, Grandma Pittman, Luke, Pappaw, Kirk, Aunt Sissy
Cupcake from Rick's Bakery
See the rest of the pictures here.


Kimberley said...

It was a great party! Had a good time!

The Robinsons said...

Nicholas had such a good time! I love that last picture. Just too cute.

winbe said...

We had a great time! Thanks for letting us be a part of Kate's big day.