Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I wanted to post some pictures from Christmas. We had a good time. We received some nice things and had a great time with Family. Next year, I would like for us to give away some toys before we add new ones. With Luke around, we are recycling a lot of Kate's old toys, so hopefully by next year we can REALLY give them away.
We spent Christmas Eve baking cookies for Santa. Kate really enjoyed it. As you can tell, yes, she has her PJs on - she switched them several times that day. Also, note the bib. She is now on a bib kick.

Here she is (dressed) icing the cookies. Poor Santa, I hope he likes Sprinkles.

On Christmas Eve, we went to Meme and Pappaws for dinner. We have a tradition of wearing santa hats.

Kate is helping Jacob w/his Santa hat

Here is Luke in the Big Stocking...we have a picture of Kate like this on her first Christmas....

And one from this year!

I love Jacob's house shoes! ELMO!!!

Then on Christmas, we got up and opened gifts, and Aunt Sissy and Jacob came over (Kris had to work ) to eat breakfast with us. She made the famous French Toast Casserole - so good.

Here is a picture of Kate taking a picture of Luke with her new camera.

Then we went to Ft. Smith to spend the day with Mama Pittman and family. Good times, lots of kids and toys.

Here is one gift I'm glad we didn't get and hopefully never will.

Kate checking out baby Jesus at Mama Pittmans.

Here is my little kiddos - I thought they looked so cute in their Santa outfits.

So there you have it. The New Year is upon us and I'm working on my list of Resolutions. Not the lose weight stuff (even though I do need to - I can't keep hiding behind the phrase "I just had a baby") some really good ones. Check back to see what they are....Happy New Year!


The Robinsons said...

beth, so many great pictures. i love the last one especially. and those cookies look like scott's kind of cookie.

Sarah and Brad said...

Awwww...they look so cute in their Santa outfits. You guys have so many fun traditions and, from past posts, it sounds like you and John are creating new ones for you all and the kids...I think that's so neat!! Glad y'all had so much fun at Christmastime!!!

kristy mae said...

Great pictures - it looks like everyone had a great Christmas!

winbe said...

Love the Santa outfits. We made the famous French Toast Casserole for breakfast on Christmas morning also, Yummy!

Kimberley said...

Love the pictures!!! Love the santa outfits! I almost thought that was the picture of Jacob from last year, but its Luke. heeeheee