Friday, February 20, 2009

East Bound and Down

Tomorrow we are planning on going to Tulsa to stay the night and come back on Sunday. We are going with Sissy and Kris and our friend Kirk. We have big plans...they include eating...eating and more eating.

The children are staying with Meme and Papaw and Aunt Nana. AND they have a cold. Yes, I'm sure around Saturday night 12pm, it will turn into a full fledged ear infection, but right now, it's a runny nose. And a small fever. And a cough.

People, I need a day off. Meme can give some Tylenol and wipe a nose 4,000 times. I bought her some Kleenex.

Good Luck!

Here is a picture of John feeding Luke tonight.

PS - Technically, it is west, but 'east bound and down' sounded better.



I hope the kids survive the cold!!! Zach got an ear infection out of it. Both kids had the fever, but Reece never got more than a yucky sounding cough. I hope its as mild for your kids!!!! Good luck shopping and eat your weight in something delicious! Happy Birthday (in 10 minutes)!

The Robinsons said...

you do deserve the break. have a great time eating and more eating. cheesecake factory, yum! have super wonderful happy birthday!

Heidi said...

happy birthday! sounds like the perfect weekend....i hope it is!

Karen said...

Love the post! Sounds like your settling right into parenthood! LOL... Happy Birthday! Now go eat! :)

Kristen said...

Go and have a great time (I am sure you already have)!! You deserve it - and didn't you tell me it makes you a better Mommy :)

Sarah and Brad said...

Enjoy your break!!

My mom is here for 2 weeks. Even though Brad and I are working on our house while she's with Kate, the break is still nice...and I only have ONE!!

Hope you had a great Bday getaway!

By the way, tell John that my mom thinks the kiddos are adorable and look just like him!!