Friday, February 13, 2009

More crafts

We made Valentine cards for the g-parents yesterday. They were prints of their cute. Kate wanted to smear hers around. I had this vision of perfect hands that said - 5 reasons why I love you....yeah, maybe next year.



SUPER cute! I LOVE handprints!!! and footprints too.

OH...If you want a more clear print, try using an ink pad! I got a gold one and put their hand prints on christmas ball ornaments with no smears and perfect little fingerprints.

Karen said...

Adorable... You're so Martha Stewart! My post would be more like... "today we BOUGHT Valentines Day cards!" LOL

winbe said...

Who is this new Beth, I don't even know you anymore.

On a side note....I used the Crayola brand washable poster and craft paint yesterday to do Caleb's handprint. It made a really nice print and cleaned up a lot easier than when I've used the ink pad.