Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Bash

We had a good time at Jacob's birthday party. Kate is still singing - Happy Birthday Jacob - around the house. The decorations were really cute. It was an Elmo theme...can you tell?

Cake that was really yummy! From Rick's.

Balloon bouquet - notice the Elmo pictures. Sissy made them.

The table - because the party was at 3pm we had finger foods....Chicken nuggets, fruit platter, vegetable platter, mini ham & cheese sandwiches w/honey mustard and poppy seed dressing.

Another picture of the balloons

The gift bags that Sissy made the cute. Also, there were miniature cookies too!

Birthday Boy!

Jacob and Kate at the MANY times they were eating. The kids grazed all day!

Uncle Kirk pushing Jacob on his new Tricycle.

The invitation! I almost forgot...we did scrapbook paper and printed the invite on velum and laid it over the scrapbook paper and tied it together with a piece of tulle. All the invitations were cute!

We had a really good time! Happy Birthday Jacob! Now on to plan Luke's 1st Birthday!


The Robinsons said...

i hate that we couldn't make it! you did a really good job w/ the pictures.

Kimberley said...

Good pics! Thanks for coming, and for all your help planning!

Can't wait to start on Luke's big day! :)

Sarah and Brad said...

The cake is they wrote his name in different colors is such a cute touch!! And the invitations are great too...they look like you guys had them professionally made for big$$!! I'm super excited to plan Kate's bday now!!