Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kate's Cast Off Day

Kate was very good yesterday when she got her cast off. She was scared of the saw...it is loud and does make your leg tingle when they use it. She did cry. But she did not cry when they took an x-ray or when the doctor examined her.
She was sad to see her cast go - she didn't want to have it taken off.
The doctor said that she will feel like she cannot walk for several days and will probably limp for a month or so, and her ankle and knee may swell up, but that is all normal. Sounds worse than the actual break!



I hope she starts getting around well very soon!! Funny she kinda ended up wanting to keep it! I bet a fun, toy filled, warm bubble bath will be SSOOOO nice!

Kimberley said...

That last picture cracks me up! Looks like she's got a cig!

Kimberley said...

Oh my gosh, I just noticed the Picture of the Moment. I cannot stop laughing!!!! That made my day!

Heidi said...

Bless her heart! Seems like it went by so fast, but probably not for you guys. I'm glad it's all over!!