Monday, June 22, 2009

Party Time

Luke's party was a success. It was a water-theme and we had all sorts of "water stations" set up. The kids loved it. Luke was really tired at the end and didn't want anything to do with his cake. He's not big on sweets, I guess. I tried to get him to eat it the next day and he wouldn't eat it then either, but guess who did - KATE!
Here is the backyard before the party started

Luke loved this Elmo sprinkler.

Caleb and Jacob playing at the water table.

Sissy, Me, Birthday Boy and Melody

Pappaw and Jacob

Pierson and Kate

Birthday Boy and Meme

Jesse on Slip and Slide - which was a huge hit!



John kept's so hot out here...he was over the grill.

Time to eat - Mama Pittman helping cut Hot Dogs

Luke's smash cake

His cake

He didn't like his hat. He is really sleepy here.

He liked the candle

Kate really did think it was her birthday. Here she is blowing out his candle!

Party favor - Sissy made the awesome tags! Thanks Sissy!

When we started opening gifts...he got a second wind!

Kate abides by the rule...what's yours is mine!

Luke and Aunt Sissy

I think everyone had a good time. I think Luke was overwhelmed by all the people here. He is more low-key. Kate loves lots of people at our house. She just runs around and plays. They are so different. He received a lot of nice gifts. Thank you to everyone!


Kimberley said...

It was a great birthday party! Loved the water stations - great idea! Two things I immediately notice from the pics: Jacob has a huge farmer's tan and could I be any hotter/sweatier in that last pic? I think I had just walked inside from the heat. Luke looks cute though. :)

Kristen said...

The whole party looks like so much fun!!! I absloutely love the party favor tags - your sister seems really creative and talented! I like how Kate blew out the candle and was playing with his toys - that is what big sisters are for.

winbe said...

We had a great time and loved the water theme. Everything was super cute. Thanks again for having us.

Karen said...

How nice! You and your sister have the best ideas! And that cake is adorable!

Sarah and Brad said...

Oh how fun!!! Looks like a really fun day..and Luke looked so cute in his bday hat!!!

Gosh...can't believe these babies are getting so big!

oh...and the cake was awesome!!!

furrfamily said...

Looks like a smash! Don't worry Ani didn't touch her cake either. She only eats the icing now. I tried it for a couple of days too - no luck. I just wanted the cake all over the face picture. Oh well!

Carrie said...

You're such a good Mom! What a great idea w/ all the little water stations...very cool. I must meet Luke before he turns 10....think we can make that happen?!

Hope ya'll are doing well!