Monday, July 27, 2009

Dardanelle Weekend

We went to Dardanelle for the weekend. It was really nice to visit my parents at their Dardanelle house. The first thing Kate said when we walked in was "your house is really clean!" What??!!! Well, we fixed that, before long it was messy with toys, clothes everywhere. Felt like home.

Probably the big highlight this weekend was Kate riding in Pappaw's"big truck". For many, this is not a big deal. The thing rides like a dump truck...oh wait, it is! Imagine the bumpest ride and then multiply it by 10, there, that's what it's like. But Kate got to sit in the seat all by herself, no carseat or seat belt. They rode around the yard. Plus, she also got to "honk" the big horn. So exciting.

Here is a short video of them, but you can see her stick her head out. Then she wanted me to shut the door so she could ride again. Luke was so jealous.

He did get to ride the 4 wheeler.

I hope you had a great weekend!


The Robinsons said...

how fun for her. nick would have been all over that.


oh how stinking cute...i am a little choked up how adorable she is.

Sarah and Brad said...

Wow!! What a fun place to visit. I think that might be the shiniest/fanciest dump truck I've ever seen!!

And that's so funny about Kate saying their house was so clean...they say the funniest things!!

Kimberley said...

cute post, great pic and video!

Kristen said...

That video was so funny - you can tell by the look on her face that she wanted you to shut that door and let her ride in the truck! So cute. Let me know when you're in Dardanelle again and I'll drive up and hang out :)