Friday, July 10, 2009


Is it Friday already? Just kidding, this has been a LOOOONNNNGGG week for me. Me and the kids have not felt great this week. I think it's just sinuses, but have you ever wondered how your nose can run AND be stuffy? Kate almost lost her voice. She was squeaking all over the place.

Luke had his 1 yr check up this week. He only weighs 21lbs. I would have bet money he weighed 25 or more. Everything looked good. He still has his little chin rash because he is STILL drooling constantly. Kate went with us and was so nervous for Luke that she stood beside the table and nervously kept saying "it's ok little buddy, I'm right here" So sweet. Then when he was getting the shots, she was trying to cover up his cries with her laughter. She was so nervous for him. The doctor asked her if she wanted to trade Luke for a puppy and she said "no, he's my brother". I can't make this stuff up people.

We started feeling better yesterday. Today was playgroup and at 9:30 am on the playground it was like 90 degrees. We didn't stay long. Then we met Sissy and Daddy for lunch. After that home for naps. Then once everyone woke up, we went Swimming, I know right? We've been cooped up all week! After that we came home had some dinner and went back to the playground to hang out. All I can say is "I'm tired". Hope you have a great weekend!

This was taken right before Kate went to bed tonight. Luke was already asleep. I can't get over how big she is getting. I get so sad to think about how fast she is growing up.


Kimberley said...

She is getting big! Tear.

I just sent those pics from lunch yesterday, maybe you can add them to this post.

Karen said...

1 year and 21lbs is not a bad thing - that's exactly how much Jennah weighed at 1. Just think.. little ole Kaylee only weighs 26lbs and she's 3+ !

Kristen said...

The story of Kate worried sbout Luke at the doctors office is so cute! I know exactly what you mean about growing up too fast. I think about it all the time now that Sam is acting less and less like a baby and Ava practically thinks she's grown.

Sarah and Brad said...

Oh my goodness...her hair is getting sooo long! What a beauty!! Sounds like you guys had a very fun weekend!!

Oh, and Luke does look precious in his overalls!!!