Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Kate's first day at Mother's Day Out. We went to Luke's open house yesterday and Kate kept saying she wanted to go to Luke's school and not hers. I was worried that she would not like it. She wanted me to drop her off and John to pick her up. The teacher she did not cry one time. She told John she was having so much fun, she didn't want to leave. They said she ate her lunch and took a nap?!! WHAT? She should go every day! She was in such a good mood this afternoon.

Here she is showing you her lunch backpack. That's right, she has her lunch in there. It's insulated.

So this is all Luke wanted to do today. Carry his blanket around. I guess he was lost without Kate. He took it into Target. He had it draped over him in there like a shawl. I wish I had a camera with me.

This is after dinner before bath time. He is filthy. But look at those eyes! We had him tested this week for allergies. He had a reaction to milk, soy, eggs, wheat, so they did the blood test today to determine which ones he is allergic to. He wished I had let him bring his blanket into the dr. office.

Ready for the weekend? I am.


Karen said...

How adoreable. Luv the pics of Kate with her backpack! Luke is a cutie pie - those big blue eyes - yum! LOL

Kimberley said...

Those pics of Kate made my day! So cute, and literally laughed out loud of her looking over her shoulder. Linus and his blanket, I mean Luke!! Sweet boy! Love them!

The Robinsons said...

kate looks like such a big girl in those pictures. so glad she loves it so far. how does luke not trip over that huge blankie of his?

furrfamily said...

Very sweet! I totally understand the nap thing. My kids take one a school - never at home! Poor Luke! I hate the allergies, hopefully they can narrow it down!

Sarah and Brad said...

Awww...Kate looks soo cute!!...and I'm so glad she loved school!!! Poor Luke...he'll get used to big sister being gone soon...and then it will be him going to Pre K. Why does time have to fly so quickly???

Kelly said...

Your kids are adorable! Your daughters smile is contagious!