Sunday, September 20, 2009

Benton County Fair

We went to the Benton County Fair this week. The kids had a lot of fun. There wasn't a lot of rides but the rain held off, so good time had by all.

Kate loves Yellow cars - so she immediately ran to this ride.

Luke is playing with his "dog balloon". Too bad the dog didn't make it home.

Here is one of the rides that Luke got to ride. He was so excited!

Check out what's left of the dog.

Kate riding a ride.

She's in the yellow cab.

Check out Kate's balloon - it's a monkey.

Here is Kate and Luke checking out the monkey.

Luke loved the snake. He kept trying to touch it.

John's favorite part of the night - food. Check out that plate of potato nachos.


Kimberley said...

those pics of kate and luke are sooooo cute! luke looks so happy!!

Heidi said...

So sad we missed it!! We went on Sunday and all the livestock had left and everything was shut down!! Very disappointed we were. We walked in and walked right back out.

Kristen said...

That looks like so much fun!! I absolutely love how excited Luke looks on that ride - adorable!!