Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Jeep!

After a fun filled weekend of parties - one birthday, one pumpkin carving...Kate became really ill on Monday night. Tuesday they admitted her to the hospital with pneumonia and the flu (type B strain - which is rare). She is feeling a lot better, but is not able to go home yet. I hope we get to go home tomorrow. Here is Kate riding Luke around in her new Jeep! She was constantly saying she wanted a jeep. Poor Luke, you know he will be driving this pink/purple jeep in about a year, when she is tired of it. Until then, he will be the passenger.

PS - she is not a good driver.


Heidi said...

Poor baby! I hope she gets to come home tomorrow!

Kimberley said...

Poor Kate, I miss her! So glad she's coming home! Love Luke as the passenger. :)