Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday John Pittman

Today is John's birthday. I know the day is half gone. I've been really busy folks. John knows I love him. We have showered him with gifts....uh, no not really. Just a cake. That we made right in front of him. Wife of the year, right here please!
Anyway, Kate was really excited it was his birthday. His birthday card from them had a button (that you wear) that says #1 Dad, so she wanted him to wear it all day. When he took it off to run an errand, she wanted to know here it was immediately and made him put it back on.
Here Kate is 'helping make the cake' and by helping, I mean lick the spoon. She did not know it was on her nose. Nice bonnet. Thanks Meme.

Here she is counting out 3 candles. One for her to blow out, one for Luke to blow out and one for Daddy...oh yeah, it's his birthday.

Can you see John's button?

Can I tell you we blew out the candles several times?

Kate will not take her eyes off the cake/candles. She has been beside herself all day about this cake. She was sad we didn't have any colored sprinkles. Luke - who went to the dr. today - found out he has an ear infection, could really have cared less. Bless his heart.

Happy Birthday John! We love you.
PS. John had Stye surgery on his eye yesterday - I did not hit him.


The Robinsons said...

hope you had a great bday, pittman! i need a bonnet like that!

Kimberley said...

Cute pics! Lukie looks so thrilled. Half of Kate's hair is outside the bonnet, hope there's not any in the cake. :)