Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Cedar Baby!

This past weekend was my Christmas party at my new company, CSA. They took us to Big Cedar Lodge. It was so beautiful. The resort had lots of lights everywhere. We stayed in a lakeside cabin - it was really nice. We started the night off with a wagon ride around the resort. Then we gathered around a bonfire to hear a "singing cowboy" sing some Christmas Carols, while we made smore's and drank hot chocolate. We then were treated to a buffet dinner and lots of dancing. We had a such a good time. Many thanks to Meme & Papaw for watching our children.
This was our cabin. Check out the Christmas tree! AND the wood burning fireplace! I was so excited about this. I will have one in my next house for sure!

This is our kitchen - check out the sweet lighting fixture.

This place is so beautiful, if you haven't been...make a reservation today!
We had a Christmas party Sunday night at Sissy's house and even though I forgot my camera...it was good times with good fun.


Kimberley said...

looks pretty! glad you were able to get away!

Kristen said...

How beautiful!! I miss Christmas parties:( That looks and sounds like so much fun!!

Sarah and Brad said...

Man, I have missed a ton that's been going on around the Pittman household!! The kiddos are getting sooo big and are such cuties!! Big Cedar looked awesome!! Oh, and I'm so glad everyone is feeling well these days. Christmas is no time to be a sickie!!! Sounds like you guys are doing well!!!