Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's call those Hogs!

We took Kate to her first Razorback game last Sunday afternoon. Sissy was kind enough to watch Luke for us. There was not a lot of people at the game, so it wasn't too overwhelming for Kate.

So we went straight from Church and Kate doesn't have a Razorback outfit anyway...hence the dress.

Here she is having a Pink Hog painted on her hand.

Look at the empty sad.
Kate was obsessed with the girl hog. She keep saying...'come up here!' So when she did, we tried to get a picture of her and Kate and Kate ran off before the picture was taken.

She is calling the hogs here. Luke calls them too, so cute.

All day she thought we were going to a Football game and kept saying..."I know how to kick the ball." She thought she was going out on the field to kick the ball like Charlie Brown always does


Kimberley said...

So cute!

Kimberley said...
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