Thursday, December 31, 2009

Round 2

We were out kinda late on Christmas Eve (around 8) so I put Luke right to bed and got Kate in bed shortly after and realized that 1) they did not have their Christmas pjs on 2) they had not put out cookies for Santa. I went ahead and put out the cookies...and washed their pjs..oh yeah, they were dirty. They wanted to wear pjs that they got at Meme's. I let them wear them and planned on changing them when they woke up so I would have some cute pictures. They would not put them on...hence the other pjs....

Kate is really into all things Princess this year. She went to see the movie Princess and the Frog and cannot get enough of it. She got several of their items.

Luke is really into cars and trains...I think he is tired of playing with baby dolls.

So I thought this was cute. He was playing with his new Thomas train on his train table. (Kate had on her new princess dress). This table looks so sad next to the one that John's sister has for her grandkids....

See look how awesome it is. This is Paxton...he is so cute.

One of their other gifts...Basketball goal. Our big gift to them was a bouncy is huge. We were going to put it up in the garage, but Kate was coughing/nose running and Luke was a little puny too, so we haven't given it to them yet....

We then headed to Aunt Sissy's for lunch. I will post those pics on Round 3. That night we went over to Meme's to eat and play. I love this picture.

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