Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Wish List #10

Ok, I realize that my list has been a little 'over the top'. I have wanted an Esca-LAUD (that's how we say it at our house) for a while. Then John told me that I don't need something that 'showy'. So it's on the wish list, because I wish I had one. :)

I guess I'm done with my list. John has plenty of things to pick from.
What's on your WISH LIST? Please share.


Pittman said...

You would pick the Hybrid version too. That's gonna cost me extra.

Kimberley said...

you have a birthday coming up?

Beth said...

John - I didn't know it was the hybrid...I don't want one that is GOOD for the envirnoment....sorry.

K- Yes, it's soon....too soon :(