Monday, February 8, 2010

I have a little maid

I make my bed everyday. However, this morning I rushed out the door without making it. I thought since John is home with Kate today, he will make it. Nope, he didn't. Kate did. She was so proud of it.
It doesn't look that bad. There are two pillows under the comforter. Her bowl is on the bed too.


Karen said...

She did a wonderful job! Send her my way!!

The Robinsons said...

she did good. how much does she charge?

Sarah and Brad said...

What a sweet little girl!! She did a good job helpin' Mama out!!

By the way, our bday wish lists seem eerily similar but I hear the flats give a mean blister. So, no worries if you end up with the flip flops instead, they will be MUCH more comfortable!!!