Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter post

Pretend like it's the Monday after Easter...I know I'm behind.

Luke, Me, John & Kate

We drove to my parents house on Sunday and had church with them. Kate did not want to wear a dress with short sleeves. Good thing her little dress had a jacket that matched it. Also, she wants tights on (or jeans) she doesn't like her legs exposed. Since the weather has warmed up, it's been really hard to get her to wear short sleeves without a sweater. This is the way it was last year, slowly but surely, she will get there. Luke had a suit on. So cute, the little tie...I could eat him up. He was cranky in the car, so he had his blanket and passy with him the whole day.

Kate, Me, Mother

Here's the whole gang...minus Kris. He had to study.

My Mother had a big lunch for all of us, plus my Aunt and my cousin Amber and her two children, Cole and Kayla. Here is everyone waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Everyone did so good looking for eggs. It was really fun. My kids didn't bring their Easter baskets, because Kate said - Meme has a basket for me...which she did, but Meme wouldn't let her use it because it had all their goodies in it. Therefore, my kids are hunting with the gallon ice cream buckets....sheesh.

Kayla & Cole

Papaw was giving 4 wheeler rides...to everyone....at the same time.

And we blew up the bouncy house....good times.

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Heidi said...

Looks like fun! How cute that Kate doesn't want her legs exposed and needs a sweater. Kids are so funny and all have their own little quirks!