Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We wanted to have a little party for Luke for his birthday. Cars theme.

Welcome to Luke-a-palooza. Lots of Pictures.

The gang eating

The cake - Luke has been playing with those cars non-stop.

It was so hot, we put up the slip n slide. Luke didn't put on his swimsuit, and he was crawling down the slip and slide.

And the bouncy house

Love this picture of him blowing out the candle.

He just stuck his hand in the cake and started licking his hand.

Check out the icing mustache - he's playing with that car...

Here is his new ride. He loves it. Parks it next to his crib at night.


The Robinsons said...

i love that pic of him blowing out the candles, too. looks like he enjoyed himself!

Laurie said...

I embarrass Steve and my parents when I eat salsa too! Happy Birthday to Luke!

Kimberley said...

The picture of Luke blowing out the candle is priceless. Great party, good times!