Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vaction Day 2

On the second day of our vacation, we went to Walt Disney World. We had reservations at the Princess Breakfast, so we had to get up really early. The park was mainly empty except for parents and little girls dressed as princesses.
Walking to the castleSnow White & Kate - she had her weird smile going on. She didn't know what to do.

Aurora - AKA Sleeping Beauty
Luke just gave her a high five.

Kate & Ariel

I did not know who this was...thank goodness she signed the book - It's Belle.
They gave the little boys swords and the little girls a wand. Luke carried that sword all day...

Luke ran into Pinnochino
The one we made the trip for -TIANNA! Kate loves Tianna. Sometimes she tells people her name is Tianna and Luke's name is Prince Naveen.

Fairy Godmother

Merry go Around - you can't see it, but John is riding the horse, so funny.
The Dumbo ride.

The teacup ride. This is the first time we rode it. It was so much fun.

Notice it was hot. So I put Kate's hair in a ponytail. She really doesn't want me to pull it back. She likes it in her face.
Mickey, Luke, me, Kate, Minnie, John

Luke is kissing Minnie on the nose.
Kate modeling a hat. Before we took our trip, she wanted to find a new dress to wear to see the Princesses. This is what she picked out.

Playing on the playground

Woody and Jesse - it was so hot at this time. They were about to have a major meltdown, but they held it together. Buzz was over at the other area in the park and we didn't get to see him.

Then the parade started. Woody came by to say hi.

Then we went back to the hotel to take a nap and re-group. So we got a shot of the front of WDW on our way back in. Love all the pumpkins.
We walked around another part of the park - looking for Buzz. I guess he had already turned in for the night. We were waiting for the fireworks to start, so we grabbed a bite to eat. This is where Luke had his meltdown and started crying/screaming, etc. It really only lasted like 2 mins, but it felt like 2 hours. Also, as I looked around, every table had a kid crying, so I wasn't too upset.
Ride #2 on the teacups!

Fireworks about to start

Headed home. Whew, that was a LONG day.

All in all, they did really well. It was warm, but the lines were small and we didn't have to wait long for anything.

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Kimberley said...

great pictures! look like so much fun!