Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving lunch with Kate

Last Friday, we had the opportunity to join Kate at her school for a little Thanksgiving luncheon. Her class performed a couple of Thanksgiving songs and were treated to a Thanksgiving dinner consisting of, you guessed it, McDonalds!

This is Kate's place mat that she made showing what she is thankful for.

Here's a pic of Kate and her class enjoying their Thanksgiving McDonalds.

Kate and her class performing some songs.

Although this wasn't a Thanksgiving song, it was a good one.
a-tootie-tot, a-tootie-tot...

Posted by John


Kimberley said...

that is so funny. not sure about that song though. kate gets her stage fright from her aunt sissy.

Day Old News said...

That is so cute! She is so pretty. I'm replying to your post on my blog, but if you link up your email or your blog's email to your blog profile, I can w/b directly! :)