Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cruise Pics

We had never been on a cruise. It is an experience, for sure. I kinda felt like we were in the film WALL-E, where everything is done for them and they can eat constantly, all day long. I'm not saying I didn't like it, I'm saying I could get use to it. Something else I could not get over - how huge the ship is. I mean, how does an 18 floor building stay afloat?
Here is the group of people we traveled with - there was 27 of us. This is also the route we took. We were not able to stop at the first island - Princess Cays - which my friend Karen said was the best - because of bad weather. I was really bummed about it.
Our room. I thought it was very spacious. Plus, we had a balcony.
They had a giant tv outside by the pool. We watched several movies out
here, so much fun. Watching football with the Huertas.
It was the Steelers and they won.
John & Denise...diehard fans.

Me watching the sun set.

The back of the ship - look at this awesome pool. They were setting up for a wedding.

John at the front of the ship. I was scared to stand where he is for fear I would accidentally fall over.The atrium of our ship. It was really beautiful.

Look how large this thing is. How deep does the water have to be?This was one of our formal nights. John and I are in the middle. I have a blue dress on. The ship was moving back and forth so bad, I thought we were going to fall off the stairs.
The hallway to our room, it went on forever.
I did this a lot. They had this fabulous pizza place and I had at least a slice a day.
John at Grand Turk
We had a great time. I missed my children a lot! Thank you to my family and John's family for watching our kids. We really appreciate it.


Kimberley said...

Good times! So glad you got to experience this!

Sarah and Brad said...

Looks like a great trip!! You're right, cruises are definitely an intersting experience but fun, nonetheless! Merry Christmas to you guys!!!