Monday, September 29, 2008

"Mommy boke it"

Kate has been sick and I went to pick her up from daycare, on my way home, when I turned onto my street, my neighbor was coming down the road, so I scooted over and waved at her. I was over a little too close to my neighbor's mailbox and hit it with my mirror. I immediately was like - "oh no! Daddy is going to be so mad!"

Kate kept saying "Mommy boke it, Mommy boke it" I said, let's not tell Daddy. The mirror was smashed and it was hanging off the door, there is no way, I could slip this past him without him knowing. Stupid mailbox, who gets mail anyway?

When Daddy came home, Kate immediately let him know it was 'boke'. He wanted to know what happened and when I told him, he laughed. He wanted to know if I damaged the mailbox...didn't even look at it. He walked over and everything was fine, just a bent flag - once again, who uses the flag? I wanted to leave the scene of the crime - I do live across the street, so I only have one thing to do - SELL MY CAR!




Kimberley said...

Goodnight. Who hits mailboxes, Mrs. No-Depth perception

Keven said...

I would rethink that 60K Lexus you want if you are going to be bouncing off of mailboxes!

I would look at a honda civic, they are cheap to fix and are not as wide so you would not hit mailboxes.

It is much cheaper to use a bat to hit mailboxes than your mirror of your car! Ask John Boy, he probably has one you can borrow..:)