Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finally, it's over

Bikes, Blues and BBQ has come to an end. All my family has left today. My aunt (mother's sister) and her husband came from Pennsylvania to visit and added this event into their schedule. My cousin, Amber and her husband left today. We should be getting back to normal. Now remember, I didn't attend this year, I stayed home and cared lovingly for our beautiful children and allowed John to go and stay as long as he wanted....(remember this John) :)

Here are some pics from the last day:
This is Kevin - another friend of John's. Also, the two bikes on the right are John's, then Jareds (my cousin's husband) and then my Uncle Gary (fancy Goldwing)

More bikes

I'm glad I didn't go, because I see someone was wearing the same outfit John and I would have worn!

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Pittman said...

thanks for watching the kiddos Beth. I had a good time. Love ya!