Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Music Review

Welcome to our new segment called - Music Review. John will be reviewing new albums each week and let you know his thoughts. He loves all kinds of music, so you never know what you might see here. We are going to post something every Tuesday. Here is the first one.

Kenny Chesney - Lucky Old Sun

Kenny Chesney's new album is nice and laid back. A little more like a good Jimmy Buffett CD than a typical country music cd. Once again, songs about island living show Kenny's interests; beaches, boats, cool drinks and the sun. "Way Down Here" and "Key's In The Conch Shell" definitely have me thinking of the islands.

Kenny also does a few duets on this album, my favorite being I'm Alive [w/ Dave Matthews]. Others guests include Mac Mcanally on "Down The Road", The Wailers on "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven" and even Willie Nelson makes an appearance on "That Lucky Old Sun".

The deluxe edition of the CD also contains some live versions of some old favorites and if you've seen Kenny live, you know his live performances are great.

Overall a good album, maybe not his best work to date, but definitely enjoyable.
You can buy it here.


McNubbin's Mom said...


I ran across this video when I was looking for a booster seat of all things. Pat and I thought it was so funny.


Dawn! That cracks me up! Especially the music!