Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a good weekend, Meme and Pappaw came to town. Kate was so excited to see them. They had lots of stuff to do, they are buying a house in Bentonville, so they are tied up with that. (more on that to come). Here is a picture of them loving on Luke. They smother my kids with kisses.

On Saturday, Kirk invited us over to watch the game. Kate and Jacob had a great time running around his house. I'm sure Kirk is still trying to recover. They did sit on the couch and watch a movie for like 10 mins. YEAH!

Meme and Pappaw also gave Kate an early birthday gift - A baby doll! She loves baby dolls. Here they are watching Monsters, Inc. together. When I asked Kate what her doll's name was, she said "Kate."
PS - Kate is dressing herself these days. Seriously, it's not worth the fight. You should have seen the socks she wore to school today!
Grey's Anatomy:
Ok, so I watch Grey's anatomy. I got caught up on it this weekend. I have a few observations and if it doesn't improve, I'm not going to watch it anymore. So listen up writers (I'm sure they read my blog.) First off, is it me or does Meredith always look haggered? She wears me out. Why would you be friends with someone like that - she is so depressing. I love Derek. He can do better than Meredith. George: Why is he on the show? He is not McDreamy? Why does he get so many girls - seriously! Is he cute? Is he smart? Is he rich? What is the attraction? The chief: I thought he was going to work less and retire, he is all over the place - why is he being mean to Bailey? She is awesome! I'm worn out with the rest of the group that I can't even talk about them. Also, the plot lines? Sometimes I get tired of all the Medical stuff (ha!) and the disasters- now come on, the hospital floods? The roof collapses on the OR? Seriously? Last week, it was snowing in Seattle in September? This week, it looks nice outside, just a coat will do? You've got just two more episodes to keep me interested or I'm out.


Kimberley said...

They look so sweet on the couch together. Wished it would've lasted longer. :)

Kerri said...

You know there were days that Abby wore 2 different shoes. But you know what I thought about making a button that says "I dressed myself today"