Wednesday, November 19, 2008

5 months old

Today Luke is 5 months old. He is such a sweetie. He is a very easy baby, he doesn't cry unless he is hungry. Every 3-4 hrs he eats a 7 oz bottle. He has had some rice cereal, but mainly, he just takes a bottle. He takes several small naps during the day and sometimes a long nap in the afternoon. He usually goes to bed between 8-9pm and wakes up to eat around 4am. I hate to let him go until the early morning without eating. We were on a schedule of him eating again at 10pm then sleeping until 6, but when he got sick, he was waking up more. I need to get him back on the sleeping all night track.

He loves to be held and play under his gym. He really likes Kate and watches her when she comes into a room. He has the greatest smile - no teeth and all. I think he has been teething. He likes to make lots of noises and always tries to hold your hand.
I can't believe it's already been 5 months.

Doesn't he have the most perfect head? He is getting some hair (ok, fuzz)


The Robinsons said...

beth, he is just the sweetest little boy. he looks like john already, but that second picture, just draw a beard on him.

winbe said...

Can he really already be 5 months old? Where has the time gone. He is such a sweet little boy.

Kimberley said...

I love his little tomato-shaped head, just perfect! He is the sweetest baby!! Love him!!


SUPER cute! Be glad he has no hair. Reece has the reverse bald man do right now.

By the way...where did you get your crib bedding?