Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Party

John's Christmas Party was held at Gary & Christie's house this year. They have a beautiful home and opened it up to some crazy, fun people. I always enjoy hanging out with the "Rocket Gang." We had great food - chili and wonderful appetizers and desserts, but the entertainment was stellar - KARAOKE! They have like a professional machine - seriously Applebee's doesn't have one this nice!

Keith, Bill & Doug


I have no idea why he has on a wig or even where he got it but I wish his hair was like this - really, I love curly hair!

Sheila & me - she is showing me her Iphone. Consider it on the Christmas list!

The singers.

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Karen said...

Ok, how can there be no comments about "the hair" yet! LOVE IT! Too funny, glad you all had a good time, sounds like a lot of fun!