Monday, December 22, 2008

6 mos

Luke turned 6 months old on Friday! I can't believe it - this time has flown by so fast. Last week when we went to the dr. he weighed 18 lbs 13 oz. I know what you are thinking...What are they feeding him? Nothing but bottles. We have given him some baby food, but not much and not often. He is such a sweet baby. He has a good spirit about him. He lights up when you talk to him and he LOVES his sister. She is so sweet to him. She plays with him and if he gets a little fussy, she tries to make him laugh. He sleeps pretty well, he wakes up twice - usually around 11-12 and then again around 5am. We are working on that. He was on a better schedule, but once he started cutting his teeth - yep, he has two! - he fell off the wagon. I better start planning his 1 yr birthday - it will be here before I know it.


The Robinsons said...

i love him. even from this angle you can tell he's got chunky legs.

Kimberley said...

Hims a sweetheart and I love him so much!

Sarah and Brad said...

Happy 6 months Luke!

I can't wait to get Kate to the doctor (I missed her appt due to weather and it was re-scheduled for her 7 mo. bday) to see how much she weighs...I think she and Luke are on the same playing field. She's always been a big girl. She weighed 16 1/2 at 4 mo.

McNubbin's Mom said...

Happy 1/2 birthday Luke!
Gabby weighs 26 lb. @ 2 yrs. old. haha I miss her "chunkies" (legs)