Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday Treats

My nephew's birthday is coming up soon and yesterday Sissy and I were talking about his party. I started doing research on the web and I came across this neat site - Free Birthday treats. This allows you to register or sign up with vendors to receive free stuff for your birthday and it's state specific. For example: I could get a free entree with a purchase of another at Abuelo's, then go over to Chili's for a free dessert. I feel a date night coming on! Oh yeah, don't forget to sign your kids and your pets!

This is my favorite picture of Jacob!


Kimberley said...

You're funny. He's gonna kill me for taking that picture some day, and kill you for posting it on the web. :)

The Robinsons said...

scott has a similar picture. NOT my favorite! :)

winbe said...

Here is another link ( with some more free birthday items if your interested. I signed Caleb up for the Cold Stone offer prior to his B-day last year and he received a coupon for a free ice cream. I did the one for Mimi's last night and received an e-mail coupon for a free breakfast entree that I can use now. You and Kim should do that and we could meet up for breakfast:-)