Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did you know?

You know I'm working on saving my family as much money as possible this year and my husband has been gracious enough to track all my savings and put the money I'm saving into an account for me to spend however I want! Here is what I saved yesterday...$5.95. Yep, on shipping. I ordered a toy teether for Luke, I saw it on my friend Sarah's blog, she told me that I could find one at Land of Nod. So I ordered it. But did you know (I'm sure you did) that you can google coupons for the website you are buying stuff from and find a coupon to save money online? Yes, free shipping at Land of Nod and I used it and saved 5.95!

1 comment:

Sarah and Brad said...

Yay...I'm glad Luke is getting a Sophie...I'm sure they'll be fast friends!

Gosh, Beth...way to go on getting free shipping. No, I did not know about coupons like that but now I do...THANKS!!!