Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kate & Luke

I haven't posted any funny stories about Kate and Luke lately, so here you go.

Luke is crawling - did I tell you? I will have to get a video of it. He's slow and steady. He goes everywhere now. He also crawls on his hands and one leg, the other leg, he puts his foot down. This is exactly how Kate crawled. Are we teaching our kids to crawl this way? Here wants to walk...it seems he is put out that he has to crawl. So anytime he can stand up, he loves it. Here he is standing at his activity table. He walked all the way around it.

He wants to go where Kate is...and follows her around. One day she was playing at her table with her babies and Luke crawled over. He got under her table and she blocked him in.

Kate is doing really well with her cast on. She walks better than I do...and I don't have a cast. She tries to run - still better than me. And she can jump up and down. Her cast comes off on March 2...so we are counting down the days. She doesn't act like it bothers her. She doesn't mind it. She hasn't complained of it itching. She is a real trooper.

That is not Luke behind her..that is her baby doll - BOB. She calls it Bob. Yesterday she said - "Mommy Bob needs to get dressed" and brought me this outfit. I said Bob? We don't know anyone named Bob. So funny. Her other babies names are Big Girl and Rose (after meme). She said that Bob was her Daughter- her other new favorite word.


The Robinsons said...

you'll have to post a video of him crawling. was he doing this when i was over there last?

only a week left for kate! she's doing great w/ the cast.

Kimberley said...

I just leave reading your stories / seeing pictures of both those sweet little kiddos! Immediately puts a smile on my face!

Sarah and Brad said...

You're so funny, Beth...just the way you tell the stories cracks me up!

Bob the baby doll is hilarious!!

And, YAY to Luke on the crawling/beginning to walk stage. Kate's still just crawling/standing but no signs of steps yet.