Monday, February 2, 2009

Mark your calendars - March 2nd - 9:40 am

Kate's cast comes off on March 2nd - at 9:40 am. We are counting down the days...literally. John came up with a countdown project to help Kate countdown the days.

Let me recap: On Friday, she fell backwards out of a chair, after she calmed down she still wouldn't walk, so I took her to see the doctor. He didn't feel anything so he ordered x-rays. While he's looking at the x-rays, he gets paged and steps out...not before he says to me...x-rays look fine.

He steps back in and says....she has a small fracture in her fibula that the radiologist caught, that I couldn't see, she will need a cast. WHAT???? They will set it on Monday, keep her from moving around. He said - it is a simple break and they will put a short walking cast on her.

We had a superbowl party and there was 6 kids here so she figured out that she could crawl around the house, but not walk, which was fine with her.

Monday morning, at the dr. office - they show us the x-ray and the fracture is in her Tibia - the big bone in her leg and it starts right above her ankle and goes to right below her knee, therefore a full leg cast is necessary. WHAT???

Needless to say, I had a full leg cast and I immediately remember how miserable I was, borderline on needing some anti-depressants - so my eyes start watering. Kate isn't crying, her mother is.

I dry it up and when the lady starts to wrap the cast up, which she told Kate to hurry up and pick a color - Kate started crying. Come to think of it, she didn't give Kate a prize like she promised. She was very overwhelmed.

The doctor said she should heal up quickly and not have any permanent damage. He said that she will be walking by end of the week - most kids find ways to get around.

She is already scooting on her funny. Please remember her and us in your prayers.
Kate in the waiting room, she has no idea.

Enjoying her snack while we were waiting for the doctor.

The wrapping of the leg - we pulled out the passy for this one. Look how awesome that pink looks!

Home enjoying her passy...getting use to the cast.

John and Kate hanging up her "Cast off Countdown"

Kate pulling one off.


Kimberley said...

What a great idea! She'll have fun counting down, and pulling one off each day.

Karen said...

Awwww, she is precious. Nice job on the count-down chain! What a neat idea! Our prayers are with her AND you too Beth!


OH my! I have tears in my eyes! I am impressed you kept it together at all! Poor girl! Good thinking on the countdown rings! I hope she gets better super fast! All our love and prayers!

Big "T" from the Fort said...

I'll tell her to take all the chains off so she'll get her cast off sooner (lol)...must be a reason I don't have any kids, ya think?

No really, super idea..John is 'Super Mart'

The Robinsons said...

that picture of her crying about broke my heart. you know she has our love and prayers. the chain idea is really creative.

Kristen said...

I know it has to be so hard for you to watch her go through that, but I have to tell you that those pictures are adorable. And I love the pink cast!! And your Super Bowl party looked like a lot of fun. Tell your sister I am very impressed with the guac dip - I would have been camped out there all night:) And you are really funny - "I like chili" HA!!

Heidi said...

wow, i'll have to remember that chain thing. what a great idea! you'll have to throw her a big "cast off" party. praying that the next month is smooth for everyone!

Sarah and Brad said...

Awww...what a good Daddy!!

I'm sure Kate is gonna surprise you with how well she'll learn to get around. Kids are so resilient!!

By the way, thanks for sharing the chicken salad recipe...looks delish! Next time you're in Tulsa, try the CS from Queenies at Utica Squ.

Kerri said...

When Abby had her cast she had 4 different ones b/c she kept somehow getting out of it. It was good times. We had to go get the last one taken off a week early b/c Bella tried to change her diaper and her cast went from Pink to brown....
At least it looks cute for pictures;)