Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chicken Salad

I'm constantly in search of the perfect Chicken Salad. I remember one year I visited my Granny in Oklahoma and we went to this little deli in Bethany and had the best chicken salad ever...until I tried the Chicken Salad at a little restaurant in Russellville - it had everything...celery, nuts, grapes. So I'm constantly looking for a good recipe. I saw the Barefoot Snob...er...Contessa yesterday and she was making her Chicken Salad. Tonight, I tweaked hers a little and came up with my own version....

Chicken breast - I baked in the oven with olive oil and salt/pepper (chopped up after cooked)
celery - diced
red bell peppers - diced
tomatoes - diced

(all to taste)
Dijon mustard - not much
Spicy Brown mustard - not much
Lemon juice - to thin the mayo

Mix all together - super easy to make.


Kimberley said...

You had me until Celery, but I'd take a bite if you have any leftover. Looks good.

winbe said...

Yummy! When are you having me over for lunch?

Kristen said...

OK - Can we still be friends if I say I love Barefoot Contessa! Love her!!! The chicken salad looks yummy - I will have to try it.

The Robinsons said...

girl, you're crazy. i love barefoot contessa. the salad looks yummy, but what's up w/ the chips? who eats 3 chips?

Heidi said...

I was watching Barefoot yesterday (she's my fave;-)while the kids napped and ended up falling asleep before the chicken salad recipe! I'll have to try it! FYI, the nap was pretty yummy itself.