Wednesday, May 20, 2009

11 months old

My little boy is eleven months old now. Wow, time flies by. He has the funniest laugh ever. I will try to get it on tape so I can share it. He is walking everywhere. He doesn't care if he falls down. He is a very good eater and trying all sorts of stuff. He does love macaroni and cheese and any kind of fruit, lots of fruit. Yesterday he almost ate a whole banana by himself. He loves to take a bath. He loves his big sister and yesterday I think he said Kate. He says "mamamamama" over and over when he wants me to pick him up. He is such a sweet little boy.

Here are some pictures from this weekend!

Here is how is swinging now. He started this while I was out of town. He climbs up into the swing, by himself, then starts swinging while standing up facing backwards - only stopping only to fall out. (I know the playroom is a hot mess, I was out of town)

At the park


The Robinsons said...

he is a little daredevil! it really amazes me how fearless the second child always seems to be.

Kimberley said...

Oh he's growing too fast! Such a big boy now! Love me some Luke!!

Kristen said...

Too cute!! I love the pictures in the swing, and if your playroom is a mess in that picture mine is a disaster every day!!!

Sarah and Brad said...

Happy 11 months!!

My goodness, he's so brave!! I can't believe how he stands up in the swing...too funny!!!

He sure is a cutie pie!