Thursday, May 14, 2009

Favorite Websites #2

Ok, I'm on my way out of town for a Girl's Weekend (does it count if the 'girls' are my mother and aunt?) anyway, I thought I would include more of my favorite websites:

#1 - Simple Mom - She is an expat who writes about living simply and staying sane, life hacks for home managers. She has a book club on Thursdays.

#2 - A Little Sussy - she is a photographer and a chef, I know right? She is mainly a photographer now, and has some amazing photos. She posts the cutest stuff. She is also thinking about an online photography class.

#3 - Stephmodo - this is such a neat blog. She writes about design, food, fashion, everything.

#4 - Like Merchant Ships - this is a blog for home managers regarding saving money. I love this lady. She has three kids and makes shopping at thrift stores really cool. I emailed her onetime with a question, she answered me back and I swear we are best friends now! (I wished)

#5 - Elements of Style - she is an interior designer who is always thinking what I'm thinking. She has great taste and I totally want her to re-do my space.

#6 - Style Observer - Fun, fashion blog.

#7 - Le Quaintrelle - this girl is crazy about fashion, but she shops at Target, Forever 21, etc. All her outfit ideas make me want to burn my clothes.

#8 - Hair on the Brain - This blog is about hair - famous and non-famous. Her latest post shows us how to create a face-framing braid. I want to try on Kate!

#9 - Party Perfect - Great ideas on all kinds of party celebrations. Can't wait to plan Luke's Big #1!

#10 - My First Kitchen - I had to throw in a food website. I like this guy. Her food always looks really good - for example - Buttermilk Cinnamon Rolls - please someone make these for me.

You know I have to end it with some pictures. Here is some that Meme took while she was here.

Notice Luke's hair...Meme's style - we took him shopping like that...So funny!

Kate is finishing up her yellow cake with chocolate frosting. She thought noone would notice!

Have a great weekend!


Heidi said...

thank you for those! i'll have to check them out.
have a fun girls' weekend!

Kerri said...

Gosh I still havent seen a favorite website posted I'm looking for. LOL I have a BLog for my business now as well. Have a great weekend. And yes it does count with your mom:)

Kimberley said...

have fun. those pics don't even look like your kids. :)

The Robinsons said...

have a great time!

Kristen said...

Ooooh - I loved the last websites so much, I can't wait to check these out!! Have fun this weekend!!

Hair said...

Hey! Hair On The Brain is me! Thanks so much for the mention. Kate's hair would look adorable with the face-framing braid. Post a pic if you try it out. :)

Sarah and Brad said...

hahaha...the pics of the kiddos are hilarious!!! can't believe how BLOND luke's hair is. such cuties!

also, thanks for the blog list...i always love it when other people do all the work for me and find the good ones!! thank you!!!!

have a great weekend w/ the girls!