Sunday, June 7, 2009

I bet it's a kidney stone...

We have had a busy day. Today we went to the "Firetruck" Park - as Kate calls it. We played and played. Then we stopped by Sonic to get some slushes - then we went to Sam's Club. We had just enough time to get everyone home before Jacob came over. We were watching him so Kris and Sissy could take his mother to dinner for her birthday. As we are walking out of Sam's club, John says - "My back hurts a little". I said "Oh yeah, maybe it's a kidney stone..."

And it was! Seriously, 5 mins later as we were loading the car - he is doubled-over in pain. Saying he is really in a lot of pain and he is about to be sick. He doesn't want to go home - he wants to go to the hospital. I'm like "WHAT??!!!" I have to watch Jacob. I can't go to the hospital. I have two kids in the back. Plus, I have all this stuff I just bought at Sam's! Are you sure?

Yep, he's sure. We go to the hospital and Sissy has to come get my kids. Dinner was postponed (sorry) and stuff from Sam's is still in the back of my car.

John is really hurting...his high does meds aren't doing the trick. I bet we have to go back to the Hospital.

This is John's second kidney stone - the first one was the day after I got home from the hospital after having a baby. Kate to be exact. My mother had to take him to the ER because I was still on I had a baby. He had to stay overnight with a Morphine drip. They must really hurt him.

Well, I've had a kidney stone too. LONG TIME before I had a baby. I thought labor was worse. I got up, showered, went to work, drove myself to the doctor, got my own prescription filled and then didn't take any of it. I also had back labor - which I thought was a kidney stone. When I found out it wasn't a kidney stone and I was actually in labor, I was glad to get an epidural. That's what John needs. An epidural.



oh how terrible! I have heard horror stories about how painful they are! I hope he gets better quickly! In the meantime, let us know if you need anything!

Kimberley said...

Poor John, tell him he ruined my dinner! J/K! I hope he doesn't mind you posting this pic of him. He could never have a baby. J/K, again!!! :)

Kristen said...

Your poor husband. I have never had one, but I have heard they are terrible!! I am so sorry that he is hurting, and I hope he gets better soon! I love your reaction too - I know you are in pain, but we have two kids and groceries!!!

Sarah and Brad said...

Oh good gosh! Poor John...hope he feels better soon!

I was cracking up at your're so funny!

The Robinsons said...

that's crazy! hope he gets to feeling better.