Monday, August 24, 2009

Home from Motorcycle Trip

John returned home from his motorcycle trip on Saturday. We were all glad he made it back home safely. He enjoyed his ride to CO with his childhood friend and some new friends. There were eight people in total. They camped outside and toured some of the great Colorado landscape. Kate and Luke missed him and was glad he came home to play with them. This morning John told Kate he was going to work and she said "you just got back from Colorado!"

John is the one in the Razorback shirt. This picture was taken by some students who saw them and asked to take their picture for a class project.


Kimberley said...

That is a great picture. Actually, John is wearing a Harley Tshirt. :) Go figure!

Sarah and Brad said...

What an awesome picture!!! It's a framer!!


That pic is so cool!