Monday, August 10, 2009

Tomato Soup

I've been trying out homemade Tomato Soup recipes for a long time now. I tried Tyler Florence's and it seemed like something was missing from it. Then I tried Giada's. It was perfect. I think it's the cannellini beans and the carrots! Yep, carrots, I would have never guessed. I've been making it at the beginning of the week and then having it for lunch everyday. I know, I will eat the same thing every day forever. You can find the recipe here!

photo from Food Network

I don't put the creme fraiche on top...because of the diet. However, shaved Parmesan sounds good.

PS - anyone watching the Next Design Star on HGTV? I am so glad that Tashica is gone, however, how rude of Vern to whisper to each of the other judges, right in front of her - while she was TALKING! Vern is not my favorite. I'm also glad Jeny went home, why did she say those things about Torie? I like Torie.


winbe said...

Hey can you warn a sister before you bust out who got kicked off Design Star. Don't you know the Winberrys never watch anything live (ha).

Hope you all are feeling better.

Kerri said...

Do you think this recipe is Dairy and Soy Free?

Jammie said...

I do the same thing Beth. Alot of times I will make something on a Saturday or a Monday and eat it everyday too. I'll have to try the Tomato soup sometime...