Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I went camping...

...And by camping I mean stayed in a cabin in the woods. I was 'roughing' it by not having a TV or INTERNET!

We stayed at Tanyard Springs, which is up on Petit Jean Mountain. It was very nice. The weather was perfect!

Our cabin

At a lookout - this is where Petit Jean is buried.

We played at the park

We rode the paddleboats.

We played some pool.

Each cabin had a playhouse that the kids loved. Here Luke and Kate are playing with Cole and Kayla (cousins).

We made s'mores!

We caught fish. Can you see it? I'm using Kate's "Dora" rod.

Papaw caught the biggest fish of the day...catfish!

Kate caught several fish.

Luke wanted in on the action. After this shot, he tried to throw the pole in the water.

She spent the majority of her time, playing with this stick.

And we ate...a lot of food. Back on diet today!

We visited a Petting Zoo. Which was more like someones backyard.

They had rides in their "petting" zoo too.

Luke kept pulling his tail.

Hanging out on the porch swing.

Bridge in front of Meme & Papaw's cabin.

Our cabin was just up the hill, so we walked through the woods to Grandma's (Meme's house) every morning.

Here is the stagecoach bed that was upstairs in our Loft. Kate made John sleep with her in it. He did one night and that was it.

Inside of stagecoach bed.

To check out more pictures (I know, we took a million) click here.


The Robinsons said...

beth, i'm impressed even w/ your version of "roughing" it. that picture of luke pulling the goat's tail cracked me up.

Kimberley said...

I am smiling so big at all those pics! :) Glad you had a good time!

Heidi said...

My kind of weekend!! Looks like so much fun. That's about as much "roughing" it as Jason would allow but I love the full on camping, tent and sleeping bag included.

winbe said...

Good times!

Kristen said...

How fun is that?? I am so jealous! It is so funny too because your idea of camping and mine must be the same :) It looks like you guys had so much fun and your kids are very lucky to get to have those experiences with your parents!! I loved all of the pictures and I especially loved the fact that you had to go through the woods to get to Grandma's.

Sarah and Brad said...

That sounds like a really fun weekend...nice and relaxing...and with family!

The pictures of the kiddos with the animals cracked me up!! Luke must have hit a growth spurt or I haven't seen a pic of him standing in a while...he's gotten so big..such a cutie with that blonde hair!!