Thursday, September 10, 2009

Luke's first day

Today was Luke's first day of Mother's Day Out. Kate wanted to take him to school and drop him off. She was so excited for him. She got in the picture (of course) with him.

Here she is telling him to smile.

He had no idea what was going to happen today.

Now she is showing him how to say "CHEESE"

He was fine when I dropped him off as he was distracted with toys. No calls. When I picked him up, he was crying, but the teacher said, he had just started crying because they took him out of the stroller and he wanted to stay in. She said he did really good for his first day. He did cry a little, but for just a few minutes. He ate some food, took a small nap and had an overall good day. Since he's only going one day a week, it's going to take him awhile to get use to it. His teacher is really awesome. She is understanding and patient with him. I really like her and it's only the first day.

Here I go Mom!


The Robinsons said...

i just love that expression on luke's face. so sweet and innocent. love how kate is showing him what to do. sounds like he did really well. it took nick 3 wks b/f he stopped crying.

Kimberley said...

what sweet pictures! they are precious!

Kristen said...

OK - I love how Kate is directing him!! I guess that is what big sisters are for. I think Ava literally thinks that is her job in this house - telling Sam what to do. I am so glad that he did well and that you really like his teacher. That makes it so much easier to enjoy your day!!