Saturday, September 12, 2009

What not to wear

I will tell you what I'm obsessed with at the moment: Clothes. Yes. Clothes. I don't know why considering all my clothes are black or white. Really that's it. If you see me, you can go to bet the house, I will have on a black or white shirt.

New Favorite Website!

Fab Finds Under $50: This lady post a picture of herself everyday and then blogs about her outfit. I'm amazed. Her finds are fabulous. She prides herself in finding very inexpensive clothing and then makes it look high-end. She puts together a Monthly Inspiration calendar to help you put your clothes together. Very cool. Click on ANY of her sites she follows and you will find a whole community who takes pictures of their clothes and blogs about it. I'm going to do that.
Here's my first one. (tee hee).

This is from this weekend. After a long day, we decided to make s'mores. It had started to thunder and was about to start raining. I choose to wear my black (imagine that) shorts and my white (really?) top. No surprise there. Shoes - I've had these for years. My feet were really dirty from the day before wearing flip flops in the woods, so I chose the orthopedic, tourist look. I think I pulled it off...NOT! Kate on the other hand, in her stylist pjs...looks rockin!

All kidding aside, this girl, makes me what to dress a little better every day! Please share with me some of your favorite websites. I'm getting bored with mine.


Kimberley said...

I think you ALWAYS look nice, even when you're lounging around the house. You need to give yourself more credit! I'm the one who wears the same thing all the time!

Pittman said...

have you seen me lately? i'm still in cargo shorts or jeans and you can probably bet i have on a Harley or Steelers t-shirt. ;) but then again...I make that stuff look good.

Sarah and Brad said...

Wellll...I don't really have any websites to share because I get all my favorites from you!!

p.s. You always look nice in your pics!!

Kerri said...

So are you saying your bored with my website? Check out my blog...