Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big 6-0!!!

My father's birthday party was last Saturday. My mother and sissy did a great job planning it. I really didn't do anything. On the day of the party, I was responsible for the games. Here is Kate counting the candles on his cake!

Here is one of the table tops. Sissy made these cards that had all this information on it from the year he was born. She also made this amazing photo montage. It turned out really nice.

Here is my parents. Good picture of both of them, if my mother's eyes were open it would be really good.

Here is Sissy and Kris. Good picture.

Ok, I was in charge of one thing - the Games. I didn't come up with these games, I just 'ran' them. Here is the one that people enjoyed the most. Each couple had a plunger (brand new) and a roll of toilet paper. The man held the plunger between his legs and the woman held the toilet paper between her legs and they walked toward each other trying to put the toilet paper on the plunger without using your hands. Y'all, it's the funniest thing ever. One man laugh so hard, he said - I might need some oxygen! It was an older crowd...

This picture does not do it justice.
Have a good one, glad tomorrow is Friday. I'm only able to blog tonight because John ran to Walmart with both the kids. I know, crazy right?


Kimberley said...

Just when I thought I had that picture out of my head, you post it on the internet! I cannot believe you put that risque picture on here. I am so embarrassed.

Kristen said...

How fun!! And I love the picture by the way - your parents are so sweet! Happy birthday to your dad!

furrfamily said...

I bet your sides hurt from laughingn so hard! Looks like a great time.