Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm here! New Pics!

I have been so busy. I have gone back to work with a company that allows me to work from home. I'm very energized by it, however I feel like I'm not getting anything done. The blog is the last thing I think about at night.
I've been addicted to Craigslist lately. When Sissy moved into her house, I sold a lot of stuff for her on there. Then I started selling stuff around my house. I was selling a little slide/swing combo that I feel like the kids are too big to play on. This lady emailed me and wanted to trade her photographer services for the slide. So I took the kids and Jacob to get their picture made.

Kate's smile cracked us up. She wouldn't show her teeth.

Luke loved being outside NEAR THE WATER...check out his pant legs. He walked right into the creek.

Can you believe how big my baby boy is getting?

Love this picture of all three of them. So sweet.
Here is one with all of us. We had not planned on being in the photo.


Kerri said...

Love the picture of all of you guys.

winbe said...

Love the pics! We need to get together soon.

Sarah and Brad said...

Precious pictures!! I love the individual ones and the last one is GREAT!! Thanks for sharing...makes me want to have a fall family shoot!!

The Robinsons said...

kate looks so grown up in that picture! that last one is a good picture of the fam.

Jenna said...

So grown up! Great pictures!

furrfamily said...

Fantastic pictures. I love them. Sometimes, I don't realize how much the kids have grown until I have their pictures taken!

Kristen said...

Love ALL of the pictures - especially the one with all of you!