Friday, October 23, 2009

Kathryn Mai Pittman

Kathryn Mai Pittman was born on October 23, 2006. She is the funniest little girl ever.

She is about 6 months old here. Check out how chubby she was!

  • she loves for you to tell her stories - sometimes she re-tells them as her own
  • she always notices something new - a new purse, shirt or a new picture hanging
  • she loves to pretend to talk on the cell phone or get a text
  • she loves grilled cheese - morning, noon and night
  • she loves to eat ranch and crackers at US pizza.

  • She is a year old here - poor baby, barely any hair.

  • favorite drink - strawberry milk - she asks for it at restaurants, when they say no, she settles for chocolate
  • she wants a jeep and the 'tools' from Handy Manny for her birthday
  • she loves fruit snacks
  • she will spend an hour playing with playdough
  • she loves to help cook
  • she loves to take toys from her favorite brother
  • she is very social - talks to everyone at the grocery store, unless they talk to her first, then she freezes
  • she thinks she is turning 5, same age as pappaw
  • she always wants to ride in the extra long shopping cart at walmart where she and Luke can sit next to each other and eat each other's snacks

  • This is the day Luke was born - she was just a baby herself. What were we thinking???

  • she wants to know what we are doing everyday...after one activity, she wants to know what is next
  • she wants her daddy to put her to bed every night
  • she says her name is kathryn mai pippin
  • she loves watching movies with her brother over and over and over
  • in the middle of night when she has to go potty, she always ask John to take her to the bathroom
  • she says "DADDY, DADDY" when he comes home from work
  • she dances all the time
  • when she says "I learned how to do that"
  • she makes up songs to sing to tunes you recognize
  • when she says "It'll be alright" about everything...accidentally pee peeing in her panties, hitting Luke with a toy, dropping food on the floor
  • Today

    Happy 3rd Birthday Kate! We Love You - Mommy, Daddy & Luke


The Robinsons said...

that was the sweetest post. warmest birthday wishes to your sweet little girl.

Kimberley said...

now i'm teary eyed! i have thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 yrs with precious kate. love that little girl!!! she makes me laugh all the time! happy birthday kate! aunt sissy loves you! uncle kris and jacob too! :)

Kristen said...

Such a sweet post!! Happy Birthday to Kate! I absolutely can't wait to meet her one day!