Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guess who got a Bug?

This guy! And it's not a fun's the Stomach Bug. He gave it to me, Daddy and three other people. Thankfully, Kate has not got it yet.

He looks fine, but he has some massive belly problems...if you know what I mean!

That's why we haven't been blogging. See you soon!


Kimberley said...

oh my goodness, he looks so much older in this pictures. no baby anymore :(

The Robinsons said...

poor baby. he even looks like he's lost weight. hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

Kristen said...

Poor little guy! We are going through the same thing here with Sam. SO far (crossing my fingers) no one else has had it! We have a little family motto though - "If Sam isn't happy nobody's happy!!"

Sarah and Brad said...

Oh goodness...I hope you're all surviving!! Luke does look pretty darn happy in spite of having that AWFUL bug! Brad had it after Christmas (Kate and I avoided him and getting the bug, thank goodness) and it's not pretty, as you know. Love the pics!!!